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Who we are

For almost two decades, Hemisphere has served the retail needs of the newborn, infant, and toddler apparel markets. We stock a full range of apparel that caters to consumer needs. We have been extremely successful at integrating garment design, price, and quality, with meticulous attention to customer satisfaction.

Our company covers two divisions

Import Division

Hemisphere Worldwide Sales This section covers creations and designs developed exclusively by Hemisphere. Designed by highly skilled staff with materials sourced internationally, we cover a full range of apparel from newborns to toddlers.

Wholesale Division

The Hemisphere Wholesale Club Having direct access to the market enables us to snatch great deals for our clients. We choose to stock many of these deals and make them available to the retail sector. Here we cover the more basic apparel needs: hosiery, underwear, and accessories for youngster's and children's clothing.


Business Principles

Since 1985 Hemisphere has been providing a vital link to the retailer.

Our focus has been customer satisfaction at the final retail level. By constantly researching trends and focusing on the lowest cost resources we provide " Incredible Design - Product Performance"

We have a four-point goal

A passion for product and design - deliver the best possible product available
Extreme sensitivity to value and price.
Customer satisfaction and customer involvement - continuous and on going feed back to provide the best service
Long term approach - includes strategic planning - use of new technology and innovative methods

Why Hemisphere?


Hemisphere is a creative design-house of quality infant wear. We perform the magic of delivering a full program or seasonal fill faster, and at tremendous value in sales-proven, classical and trendy styles that are clean, simple and functional.


Hemisphere has been helping customers sell more goods in the mass market. Our size and structure ensures that we are innovative, flexible and accessible. You get close attention and creative involvement to help design programs targeted for your customers. Long standing factory relationships and attention to details overseas means you get what you ordered- shipped and delivered - and in stock on time to maximize your turn.

Incredible Design

Product Performance: Hemisphere specializes in providing " Incredible Design" at exceptional value. The design team covers worldwide trends and works with state of the art technologies- to provide unique merchandising. Fabrics are sourced over the world to bring to the garment- quality and fashion. Finishing off is the buying team that makes that all details are executed at extremely value sensitive prices. The end result- " Product Performance".